Personal branding photography top tips

So you’re interested in personal branding photography.  That’s fab but, if you’re like most of my clients there’ll be lots of questions on your mind.

That’s why I’ve put together my 8 Top Tips that answer the majority of questions and concerns clients come to me with.

I hope these help and if you want to ask more, please do get in touch! 

Michelle x


Finding the right photographer for you and your brand is where it all starts.  And it’s important because photographers tend to have their own style of photography and you want to find one that’s going to suit you and your brand.

Equally as important is finding a photographer who gets you.  Someone you’ll gel with and who will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  This can make or break your shoot.  

Check if they have any videos of them in action so you can see what they’re like to work with.

Michelle with Jane Brook


Before investing in personal branding photography, you need a clear idea of what your brand is.

A photographer who knows personal branding will be able to help you with this by running through a simple briefing process that answers all the questions that will define your brand.

It starts with straightforward things like establishing your branding colours and style and then goes into more thought provoking business questions like your USP and target market.

This brief then informs all the photographer’s work for you to ensure your photos are on brand.


I always tell my clients that the best brief for a photographer is a visual brief.  Show your photographer the types of photos you want and they will love you for it!  

I ask my clients to create a mood-board on Pinterest.  A mood-board is a great way of showing your photographer the type of photos you really want.  It also acts as a great reference point during the shoot itself. 



 Be creative when deciding where your personal branding shoot will take place! It could be your home; office; urban; rural; cafes….so many options!  It’s all about finding the best location(s) to showcase you and your brand.  

This is one of my favourite parts of personal branding photography – I love finding the best locations and backgrounds to showcase my clients and their brand.

Here’s a great example from one of my recent personal branding shoots.  Jane Brook House of Colour is all about helping her clients find their style.  Imagine how excited I was to find this amazing mural (part of the Worcester Paint Festival) which I used as a background for the shoot.  It couldn’t have been more on brand!


Find Yourself wall art


What you wear needs to be YOU so it’s best to avoid wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear.  Your photographer will help you select your outfits to reflect you and your brand.

If you’re not sure what looks best on you, this could be a good time to consult with a style professional.

Check out these outfits from my personal branding session with Jane Brook, House of Colour stylist – Jane definitely knows what to wear!



It’s really worth putting that extra effort in your appearance for your personal branding shoot.

Some clients love having their hair, make-up and nails done professionally before a shoot whilst others prefer to do it themselves.  Whichever option you choose,  stay true to yourself, you want your photos to look like you!

Extra tip: think of your branding colours when choosing your nail colour (check out the photos in Tip 2!).




Props are not necessary but they can be a great way of showing what you do and what you love.

Props could be your laptop, phone, a mug, stationary (again, check out the pics in Tip 2), your iconic MINI (how cool is this?!), anything that illustrates what you do and what you enjoy!

If you’re a coach or someone who is often in meetings with others, your prop could be a friend who can act as ‘the client’.  If you are a dog lover (like me!), your doggy could feature in your photos too!


Worried about being in front of the camera?  Don’t be!  If you’ve chosen the right photographer (remember tip 1!), he or she will put you at ease and make you feel and look great. 

One of the things I love doing during my personal branding shoots is to show my clients how great their images look on the back of my camera.  This always gives my clients a lovely boost in their confidence which leads to even more fabulous photos!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Top Tips and that they help you prepare for your personal branding shoot.  

Remember, make sure you RELAX and ENJOY the experience and you’ll love the results!

Michelle x


Julia Williams in red dress




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