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Gentlemen, take a seat.  Women have stepped up and we’re taking the business world by storm.  Did you know women now lead the fastest growing segment of start-up companies?  It’s no surprise really, for far too long we’ve been told we’re not worth as much as our male counterparts, so now we’re carving our own paths!

One of my favourite things to do is capture all that girl power on camera.

Women aren’t used to singing their own praises and often play down their strengths. They will often arrive at my photoshoots looking a little uncomfortable, unsure of the outcome, but within minutes we’re laughing, having fun and just getting on with it.

I wanted to dedicate a blog to all that girl-power and why, if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t hesitate to inspire others with your story. I certainly aim too.


I think the vast majority will agree with me when I say; being a woman should not be a limiting factor to attaining great heights. I’m so glad women go out there every day and smash down those ridiculous glass ceilings, inspiring generations of girls.

My late mother certainly inspired me to reach for the stars despite witnessing great gender inequalities during her lifetime. I’m proud to say that this only made her stronger; as she became one of the first female photographers on a film set in France.

When I look through her photos from this time, what strikes me most is how her photos captured female individuality and empowerment. Something we take for granted today, but after years of objectification through a male gaze, this would have been quite refreshing.

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I’d like to think some of my mother’s strength and courage rubbed off on me when it came to finding a career of my own. Initially, I took a job at the UN, known for its dedication to gender equality and the empowerment of women.  I enjoyed my time there and I witnessed great progress in advancing gender equality, which would spur productivity and growth where it was needed most.

As time went on, my priorities changed.  I wanted to settle, have a family.  As women, I think we’re often torn between career choices and our desire to have a family of our own.  I’m not unique in that experience. I’d given so much to my career at the UN, the prospect of moving back to the UK and becoming a photographer just felt right in my bones.  I trusted my gut and followed in my mother’s footsteps, in 2007 I became a professional photographer, and later a mother too.


What a pleasure it is to take photos of inspirational women every day.  I realised a few years back that not only did I have a unique perspective (due to my past at the UN and my mother’s photography), I also had a duty as a female photographer to capture incredible women, who show so much courage in their careers and their personal lives too.  I wanted my photos to inspire generations of girls, just as much as the stories behind them do.

I have a daughter myself, and I’m sure she looks at these women’s photographs, reads their inspirational stories and sees a world of possibilities ahead of her.  When I can, I share these incredible photos online, because I want others to see too – you can make it happen, these women have done it, why not you?

inspirational business women
worcestershire business women


Now don’t be coy – are you an inspirational business woman?  Then it’s time you had a headshot/personal branding session and showed the world what determination, hard work and a lot of courage can achieve. Don’t hold back, let you hair down, wear your favourite dress and stand tall for that photoshoot, because you are truly amazing and I’m in awe of you!

personal branding shoot with iconic union jack MINI

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I have over 15 years experience as a professional photographer. 

Photography runs in my blood, as my mother too was a photographer. She was one of the first French female photographers on a film set. She bought me my first camera when I was 18 and I’ve been taking photos ever since.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about me and how I became a photographer.  





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