Why are professional photos a step above those taken on a smart phone? Leaving aside luck, there are really just two explanations: skills and equipment. Skills concern the abilities, talent, and expertise of an individual. Equipment is about having the correct tools for the job. Of course, you can always buy or borrow equipment, but having the right skills takes years of experience, a huge amount of practice and certain amount of good taste.

Despite the rise in affordable, high-quality cameras, my skills and experience continue to provide me with regular bookings – this speaks volumes! I’m not saying the camera isn’t important – In fact, I’ve just recently upgraded my camera, because I know it provides an essential role in what I do. I also know that my camera is only part of the story.


Photography is in my blood. My mother was also a photographer, she taught me first-hand the importance of detail, light and colour. Her love and passion for capturing the moment was something I inherited. I then spent many years honing my skills and learning from my mistakes. I don’t rest on my laurels either; I still take part in regular courses and meet with other talented photographers – because there is always more to learn!

So, when you book with a professional photographer, it’s not just a camera you’re getting but the experience built up over thousands of hours.


Like any art, photography is a complex and structured discipline. Mastering this skill and developing the required knowledge takes time and effort. Of course, the definition of a good photograph is generally subjective and will vary from person to person. However, there are fundamental aspects that must be implemented; how you control the outcome of a photograph with light, exposure, colour and composition.

For example; good lighting describes a subject’s detail and shape, while also creating mood and atmosphere. This comes with knowledge, and when done correctly the results are breath-taking.


Smart phones can produce beautiful consumer images. I LOVE my iPhone! However, I wonder how many people would be happy to hire a wedding photographer who used their iPhone to capture the day?

The equipment a photographer uses to capture you and your family is important. I spend a long time researching the best equipment to take the best photograph – it’s my job and I would be a fool if I didn’t. As a client you benefit from high quality images that capture light, colour and shadows in a way your smartphone can’t. 

This section comes with a caution: with all the best equipment in the world, technique is what sets apart the master from the learners.


Talent in photography is difficult to define without the experience, knowledge and equipment which ultimately provide the end result. However, if I had to define it, I would say that it’s how successfully someone can see the optimal, unique compositions of a scene just by intuition.

I wouldn’t presume that my talent has led me where I am today, because that would undermine all the hard work I’ve put in over the years. Although, I would say that the love and passion I have for photography has helped develop my understanding of the visual world we live in and I think that’s made for some beautiful photos!

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