Indie Store by Muddy Stilettos


We all know how hard this year has been and we’ve all been touched by Covid in one way or another. 

So, in an effort to support independent shops and businesses, Muddy Stilettos, the UK’s biggest lifestyle site for fun-loving women outside London, has created The Indie Store.  It’s a shopping and gift space where gorgeous ‘indie businesses’ like mine can showcase their products.  

The Indie Store is not a ‘shopping cart’ approach – it’s the opposite of buying in a giant shopping mall or doing a one-stop-shop from a single online giant.  It is all about small, carefully-curated businesses.

As Hero Brown, founder of Muddy Stilettos, says “the thought of losing our independent shops is like never having wine in the fridge again – impossible to contemplate without weeping”! 

So, when Muddy Stilettos asked if I would like to feature in The Indie Store it was naturally a big ‘err, yeeeess!’.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to Muddy Stilettos for supporting small businesses and making a real difference! 

Enjoy shopping on The Indie Store! 

Michelle x


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